Regina, the first Italian onion liqueur

It is called Regina, inspired by an ancient medication recipe and it is all that a unique and extremely hand-made liqueur should be. An infusion of secret herbs and vegetables where onion is the characteristic ingredient, known since ancient times for its antibiotic properties.

The creator of Regina has his own method of picking onions. “I personally certify that both the sowing and the harvest take place only in full moon - explains Christian, chef and owner of a well-known Valdera bar - Regina is for those who want to differentiate and distinguish his professionality from the mass, by designing the favorite cocktail combination or much more. In our case the onion is at its most feminine, delicate and enveloping, its alcoholic infusion allows us to enhance its features better by cutting off its natural defenses from raw that characterize it for its vigorousness”, Christian reassures.

“This is the result of a liqueur that if used for a simple drink is able to give unique characteristics, with a delicate and no aggressive flavor”.

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