Molino Rossetto launched the “00” flour – 100% Italian wheat

Molino Rossetto launched the "00" flour - 100% Italian wheat, derived from selected tender grains and of superior quality. A quality monitored and guaranteed thanks to the in-depth control of all stages of production, from the selection of the raw material to the finished product packaging.

"00" flour - 100% Italian wheat is obtained by  grinding wheat and subsequent grain, that is the percentage of flour extracted from grains. It is characterized by a low ash content and a presence of vegetable fiber less than standard "0" wheat flour. Ideal for each recipe, from fresh pasta to baked cakes, as suggested by the two simple recipes on the pack.

Molino Rossetto believes that buying products from the territory, thus protecting Made in Italy, is a true philosophy of life, which translates into a healthy and balanced diet thanks to fresh and nutritious products and, at the same time, allows to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

This specialist in the production of flours and special mixes for baked goods, is renewing its support strategy to retail as manufacturer of references in private label, too. For this company, whose premises are at Pontelongo (Padua), today private labels already represent 30% of its total turnover, which in 2016 reached 18 million Euros (+ 15% on 2015, and nearly double in comparison with 2012). Within the flour market (soft wheat + durum wheat + corn + special flours), Molino Rossetto ranks second in terms of market share (4.1%), and in yeast segment (+ 2.5%), too, it occupies the second position with a market share of 3.8%.

Chiara Rossetto, CEO of the company, says: ‘Molino Rossetto is seen as an ideal co-packer, because it shows great dynamism and flexibility that result in an offer of private labels that combine constant quality and innovation to meet the trend of an extremely dynamic market. The constant implementation of organic and gluten free products, which represent the most dynamic segments of this sector, prove it’. Among the aims for 2017, there is the will to achieve a turnover of 21 million Euros, concentrating not only on flour and mixes, but also on the segment of yeasts, which are particularly performing in both off-line and on-line sales.

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