‘A Pizza, the real Neapolitan pizza cooked in wood-fired oven and frozen

New life for Neapolitan pizza cooked in wood-fired oven. It is prepared according to tradition, with the best ingredients, and frozen by a rapid abatement process that preserves its aroma, fragrance, and taste: it is 'A Pizza, Neapolitan brand meant to revolutionize the market for domestic consumption both in Italy and all over the world.

'A pizza is artisan pizza, handmade, directly in Naples, by a Neapolitan pizza chef, cooked in traditional wood-fired oven, and immediately abated to be delivered frozen all over the world. It must be kept in the freezer and ‘wakes up’ in the oven at home in just 8/10 minutes at a temperature of 220 °C. The result at the table is surprising: aroma, taste, and fragrance are those of the traditional Neapolitan pizza. 'A pizza, without either preservatives or added flavours, is available in 7 variants. Its ingredients are all characterized by high quality, local, carefully selected among the best suppliers.

A Pizza2This project is carried out by two Neapolitan entrepreneurs, Maurizio Ramirez and Guido Freda, and was developed after two years of studies and research concerning both product and technology. The product is the classic Neapolitan pizza made with 00 flour, water and yeast base, seasoned with tomato from Campania, fior di latte mozzarella or buffalo mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil, and cooked in wood-fired oven. The technology is state-of-the-art refrigeration tunnel that allows abatement of the product from 90 Celsius degrees to -20 Celsius degrees in just 10 minutes, preserving its taste, fragrance, and nutritional properties.

The 'A pizza stores that will be gradually opened on international territory will be individual distribution points with home delivery by means of two- and four-wheel vehicles equipped with refrigerator cells. The first store are in Naples, Rome and Milan, but there is also a look to foreign development, especially as for franchising.

The headquarters is at Pozzuoli, in a 900 square meter plant where both entire production chain and logistics are concentrated: two wood-fired ovens, and a liquid nitrogen refrigeration tunnel developed precisely for 'A Pizza. The production capacity of the plant is estimated at 9,000 pizzas a day. Craftsmanship and industrial technology coexist in a modern and efficient full cycle facility, with the highest quality certifications.

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