Matt launches a 100% veggie products

For a healthy lifestyle in respect of the environment, for those who follow the vegan philosophy or for those who simply do not put taste limits on their palate, Matt decided to launch a brand new range of products. “My Vegan Experience” is the Matt line of 100% veggie products, genuine and rich in taste, studied with the advice of the VeganOK Group. Valuable help for those who want to nourish and maintain healthy, the vegan line is made with innovative ingredients for an alternative and varied meal.

Amongst the products of the line, you can find:

- Proteincrok: an innovative salty bar, specifically formulated with an exclusive mix of cereals, seeds and legumes, rich in plant proteins

- Gustosnack, newly-designed biscuits, made with a mix of lentils, pea proteins, cereals and sesame, rich in plant proteins

- Alghetti, crunchy biscuit drops of algae nori, enriched with tamari and extra virgin olive oil

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