Pasta Armando focuses on storytelling

Gabriella De Matteis, marketing manager of Pasta Armando

Pasta Armando proposes the narration of its corporate history and emphasises the typical character of its completely Italian pasta.

Gabriella De Matteis, marketing manager of the group, explains: ‘I think it is crucial to explain to the consumers who is behind the course they put on the table, to avoid considering pasta as a commodity. We are part of that 10% of Italian pasta factories that have also an inner mill. This guarantees a real knowledge of our raw material, and has allowed us to become one of the most important chains as for durum wheat in Italy’. Their chain is based on the direct relationship between industry and farmers. This year 840 farms, in 9 regions of Central Italy, chose to work with Pasta Armando. ‘We know each one of them, since we have signed an agreement with every single farmer’. The agreement stipulates that the farmer must comply with the cultivation regulations proposed by Pasta Armando, which involve the use of certain seeds and the application of specific agronomic practices, in order to obtain both quality and quantity, and to guarantee real economic benefits for the farmers.

In the last few months, the classic durum wheat pasta has also been accompanied by a selection of products within the health sphere, ranging from gluten free ranges to organic whole line with the addition of oats, up to red lentil- mixed legumes pasta.

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