Massimo Bottura star of Italian cold cuts in Japan

The IVSI, the Institute  for the Enhancement of Italian Meats, returned to Japan a few weeks after the previous visit (13-16 February) as part of SalumiAmo POD. The institute went back to the Asian country by bringing the experience and the skills of one of the world’s top chef, Massimo Bottura.
During the occasion the chef was awarded SalumiAmo Ambassador. Massimo Bottura is the first to receive this recognition. "The chef from Modena has always valued the Italian salami in his dishes, by respecting the essence but also by interpreting them in an innovative way," said Monica Malavasi, IVSI’s director.
The famous chef was protagonist, on March 21st, of two cooking shows at the headquarters of the Hattori Nutrition College, the most prestigious cooking school in Japan.
Bottura led each show in front of an audience of over a hundred people: the first addressed the press, opinion leaders of the food & drink world and professionals; the second dedicated to professional chefs exclusively.
The multi-starred chef created three recipes based on protected Italian salami, Cotechino Modena PGI, Mortadella Bologna PGI and Speck Alto Adige PGI.
After the event, Massimo Bottura said: "It was a very meaningful experience for me. I love Japan and what I love most of this country is the culture and the pursuit of perfection".
According to data given by ASSICA (Industrial Association of Meat and Salami members of Confindustria), exports of Italian cold cuts in Japan posted a double-digit growth in 2016: + 20.1% in quantity with over 4000 tons and +15, 4% in value to a total of almost 40 million euros.

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