Macfrut 2018, foreign countries more and more interested

A lot of international adhesions are arriving to the first European summit on mango and avocado at Macfrut 2018. At the Tropical Fruit Congress, scheduled for 10-11 May at the Fiera di Rimini, more than 80 participants registered on 20 March, with the 80% arriving from abroad. Very strong presence from South America, an area that has always been a producer of exotic fruit, so that it represents the 62% of the supply of avocados in Europe (source: World Avocado Organization). Subscriptions also from the Dominican Republic and Colombia, a partner country of Macfrut 2018, from Peru, Brazil and also from the United States. Several registrations also from Africa: Cameroon, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia and Zambia.

Strong interest from Europe as well, an area interested in consumption,  grown in double figures in many countries (to name a few, Sweden, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain). Spain, the leading European mango and avocado producer, is present at Tropical Fruit Congress with Frutas Montosa, Hortosabor, Reyes Gutierrez, Trops and Anecoop. Many European importers already registered at the event, with a great liveliness from Holland with Nature's Pride, Liquidseal Fruit, Jaguar Fruit, Hall's Bv. From Great Britain, subscription of Ripe Now, Grencell and The Avocado Company. From France, Thomas Nelson and Fruitrop, while from Belgium, Special Fruit.

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