Mortadella Bologna PGI

Last year sales of pre-sliced ​​mortadella Bologna PGI increased by 10% on the previous year with a sell in which stands at over 8 million kg, corresponding to about 64,000,000 packs, compared to total sales of 33 million kilos and a total production of 38 million. “These are encouraging results for a sector like ours” declared Corradino Marconi, president of the Consortium for the protection of Mortadella Bologna PGI. “Even in 2017 we managed to keep in line with the previous year, due to the fact that the road we are following is the right one”. Exports continue to grow: around 15% of total sales (equivalent to 5,000 tonnes) were exported. Confirming the trend of last year, the main partner remains the European market with France, Germany and Spain, which remain firmly the main estimating countries. Even outside the internal market (EU) there are countries where exports are growing rapidly, such as the Japanese one. In fact, Japan is a market very interested in Mortadella Bologna PGI, reason why the Consortium decided to start investing with communication activities aimed at consumers who love Made in Italy, thanks to the EU funds for the project “ARIGAT - EU, the autentic deli meat from Europe”.

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