Loacker’s Alps on business travel away in Dubai

Loacker is a well-known and appreciated brand in the Middle East, so much so that this region as a whole is one of the main export opportunities of the South Tyrolean Company. Hence the opening of a flagship store in the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai, inside Dubai Mall. This is the first operational store outside the European territory.

The store occupies a sales area of ​​300 square meters. It is adjacent to the lift area of ​​the tallest skyscraper in the world, the main visiting destination for all the tourist flows passing through Dubai. The flagship store re-proposes the concept that is already established with satisfaction both in Triveneto region and Austria. In the Middle East, however, the testimonial mission of the store is strengthened, with the task of transmitting the importance of Loacker reference supply chains, territorial origin of the products, as well as high end positioning of the range. As usual in the settings of the South Tyrolean Company, the main focus concerns the Alpine mountains, the Dolomite group of Sciliar, in giant format and as a mean to convey the South Tyrolean tourist attraction.

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