The three passions of So’Riso

So'Riso concept is signed by the sisters Valentina, Lucrezia and Francesca Scotti (sixth generation of Riso Scotti Company, currently run by their father Dario). The brand is developing it in Milan. This sign was born from three great passions: Valentina’s one for good food, Francesca’s one for ecology and the world of well-being, and Lucrezia’s one for customer service. Healthy Living is the claim that summarizes the philosophy that lies at the basis of this concept store.

The most recent store was realised in Corso Italia and it followed the openings in Corso di Porta Romana 7, in the shadow of the historic Torre Velasca, and even before in via Paolo Sarpi 58 and Milano Fiori Assago.

The store was realised with the collaboration of One Hour Marketing, which took care of several aspects ranging from branding to packaging, from logo to graphics, from in-store communication to naming. Costa Group, on the other hand, took care of study, design and styling of the furnishings of the brand. The architects of the group created a space with a green soul, able of transmitting warmth and conviviality. The store is characterised by light-coloured design thanks to the use of natural wood and white iron with linear geometries, the reference to nature is highlighted by floral texture.

The So'Riso proposal is articulated through three main drives: Eat, Shop, and Learn.

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