How to go abroad: The Caviro case

With a production capacity of over 240 million litres of wine and 800 thousand tonnes in its distillery, Caviro leads the Italian market, with a value share by 8.3% for wine. Nicolò Tagliarini, Caviro Russia country manager, explains: ‘On foreign markets, we pursue the goals of maximum distribution of the brands in the world and a portfolio of high margin products. We adopt different business models depending on destination Country’. Caviro_01
In United Kingdom Caviro establishes a direct relationship with either wholesaler or retailer, with the advantage of obtaining precise data by geographical areas, type of product and competition. On the other hand, the limits are logistics, customs and marketing on site, as well as impossibility to reach small customers. For Russia, it turns to an importer. This is necessary choice, due to complexity of that market and procedural reasons. It has the disadvantage of need for continuous monitoring on distribution, sales and implementation of activities. In the past Caviro also experienced the model of branches. It is positive as for control of costs and consequently higher margins, but it is important that both people employed by the company and ones on the spot are trained for export.

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