How to go abroad: The Linea Verde case

Development strategies in exports have given very good results to ‘Linea Verde’, with a growth by 46% in the first four months of 2015. This company with four production sites in Italy and one in Spain, tends mainly to export finished products, but in some European markets it exports raw material and carries out on-site processing. In Austria, Linea Verde markets a line of products adapted to Austrian consumers. These references are enriched with meat or fish proteins and, because of their shorter shelf life, they are processed in the local laboratory in Salzburg. At the end of 2014, Linea Verde (the green line) would have had to open a manufacturing plant in Moscow, Russia, too, with a local partner. This project was stopped because of the embargo. It would have allowed processing raw material on the spot, and so, on the one hand, reaching such more distant parts of the Country as St. Petersburg, and on the other hand producing on site also the most delicate references, and therefore expanding the offer. Linea Verde has presented itself for about a year and a half with finished products (soups and salads) in Poland, where a population group emerged who is able to spend on a product with high added value and looks forward to the French market.

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