Prosecco is appreciated. By many consumers

The new Prosecco Lab was founded. It is an observatory that investigates trends both in commercial terms and as for appreciation of Prosecco wine. And Prosecco is appreciated: it is undoubtedly appreciated by many consumers. This is not just confirmed by sales data, which are counted in hundreds of millions of bottles. The deep bond with its consumers makes both history and success of this sparkling wine. 92% of consumers who drink wine appreciate Prosecco too. Prosecco
In absolute numbers, this means that it is known, appreciated and drunk (of course in different ways and with different intensity) by about 40 million Italians, just to limit ourselves to the domestic market. This is the main datum that emerges from the survey conducted by SWG research society in Trieste. This research was carried out in October 2015 and marks the start of a new observatory, fostered by the producers association, with the aim of analyzing the relationship between contemporary consumers and Prosecco.

There is an intense relationship in terms of taste and pleasure between Prosecco and consumers. For 41% of people, choosing Prosecco is a matter of taste: because they appreciate it. Another 31% think it is just good. Other important drivers of consumption are its versatility and the fact that it is suitable at any time of the day. It is fresh, pleasant, witty, eclectic wine, suitable for many different tastes. It is youthful yet traditional proposal, characterized by quality and affordable price. This dynamic, open, accessible offer meets people’s taste and above all it fosters good living and being together with others.

Not surprisingly, Prosecco wine seems to be excellent wine for weddings, anniversaries, and celebrations, but is also considered a good proposal for daily breaks. A wine that is used to make a good impression, build the air of celebration, but it also allows ‘escaping’, giving a moment of pleasant relaxation.

Key words: Do you drink Prosecco?

Every day: 2%
Often: 12%
Over the weekend: 15%
Rarely: 41%
At parties: 22%

Key words: Why do you drink Prosecco?

It is good: 41%
I like sparkling wines: 32%
I appreciate its taste: 31%
It goes well with everything: 19%

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