Healthy chocolate

T'a Sentimento Italiano has enriched its catalog with two new creations designed also for those who prefer healthy ingredients, such as ginseng and ginger.

Ginseng dark chocolate bar

50 g of pure chocolate T'a obtained from the selection of the best Grand Cru which give rise to 14 different flavors: 6 classic with dark or milk chocolate and 8 flavored. Among the new ones, there is the 66% dark chocolate bar flavoured with Ginseng: the taste of the best Trinitario beans, delicate and mildly sweet, highlights the naturalness and the energizing and restorative  properties of the ginseng root.

Ginger Dragèes

With the 120 g cubes of dried and candied fruit dragees T'a offers delicious tastes and refined combinations. One of the new flavors of the 2013 is candied ginger dipped in 66% dark chocolate Venezuela: a new way of interpreting the chocolate during the whole year, even in the warmer seasons.

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