High quality oil rewarded

For Flos Olei, De Carlo is “Company of the Year”. The mill from Puglia has always stood for quality production made with passion and professionalism. In particular, the prize has been awarded for the production of a special oil: the extra virgin olive oil Tenuta Torre Mossa , a DOP Terra di Bari - Bitonto produced in limited quantities.

Torre di Mossa is the historic farm of De Carlo family, from which comes this extra virgin olive oil. The cultivar is Coratina (100%), the mother of all the oils in the area. It expresses all its personality on simple grilled bread but it is also ideal for use on raw preparations of meat, soups, grain, raw meat, pasta dishes. The smell is wide and elegant with notes of cut grass as well as vegetal notes of artichoke and green almond. At taste, sweet at first glance, turns out to be bitter, spicy intense and persistent, giving a lingering sense of vitality.


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