Farrisum, pearled emmer wheat

Prometeo was founded in 1991 producing and transforming organic cereals, pulses, and Farro (Triticum dicoccum) being the cereal the company has focused on.The company is based in Urbino where the processing and seed selection plants are located.

Farrisum is an organic pearled emmer grain (Triticum dicoccum), which is, by definition, the Mediterranean ”farro”. The cultivation so as the production is exclusively concentrated in the centre of Italy, in a region where the tradition of emmer farming is strongest, mostly in the higher altitude hills, areas which are particularly suited to the growth and cultivation of emmer. Farrisum is a very versatile product. It can be cooked exactly like a rice and served warm or alternatively served cold like base of many kind of salads.

It’s packed in 500 g in Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

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