Foreign Performance for Cantina Cielo e Terra

Cantina Cielo e Terra, a company from Vicenza, is a solid, dynamic, and steadily growing reality, that records a two-digit increase in its 2012 proceeds of sales: + 13%. The proceeds of sales realized by foreign performance is increasing and the exports changed from 41% in 2011 to 45% in 2012.

The strategy adopted by Cielo e Terra - Colli Berici Winery Group, that exports in more than 40 Countries, has been far-sighted. The company chose a diversified action plan, that led to a strengthening of Casa Defrà line in the Horeca channel of the German market, whereas for Famiglia Cielo line the efforts have been more concentrated on gourmet stores. On the international scene, besides USA and Germany, other markets with a strong growth for Cielo e Terra are represented by Japan and, above all, Russia, where the company recorded a + 25% in its sales of prosecco and sparkling wines.

As for Large-Scale Retail Trade, the Group of Montorso is succeeding in proposing abroad the Freschello line, too, especially in the Chinese market.

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