Certified Sustainability for Farchioni Oil

The aim of formalizing its commitment towards the market led Farchioni, an Italian family property company leader in the market of olive oil, to set up a real production protocol and refer to an independent agency, DNV Business Assurance, that verifies its efficiency and confirms its validity. The QAS record, in line with both aims and leading principles of ISO 26000 - the international reference standard for social responsibility - concerns three essential areas: quality, environment, and safety. As for quality of both processes and products, besides the certification of quality management system, the protocol provides for a certification for both social responsibility, and traceability of the agro-alimentary chain, along with the specifications of biological product, and either DOP or IGP. As for protection of the environment, both certification of environmental management system and energetic management system are present among the basic requirements. In addition, the QAS record defines a range of certifications concerning safety for protection of both foods (and therefore consumers) and workers. Among the most relevant future aims there is the writing of an Ethical Code for Suppliers.

The distinguishing logo of QAS record is printed on the front of the label of every pack of Farchioni olive oil.

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