FIVI wine only for Norway

There is FIVI wine only for Norway. The Norwegian monopoly wants the wines produced by FIVI (Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers) winemakers and defines this condition in a tender notice. Fivi_Wine_OnlyAccording to the rules of the last tender organized by the State monopoly in Norway, belonging to FIVI is a necessary condition for IGT Campania Aglianico Vintage 2015, as an alternative to organic production or ongoing conversion. It is the first time that such a request comes from the national monopoly of a Country.

Matilde Poggi, president of FIVI, explained: “We, too, were surprised. The tender does not follow one of our requests, but is an independent initiative of the Norwegian monopoly. We are proud because the role of our association as a guarantor of quality viticulture was acknowledged”.

This role is not acknowledged just to FIVI. In the same tender, the preference for Chilean wines produced by winemakers associated with MOVI (Movimiento de Viñateros Independientes – Association of Independent Winemakers), an association homologous to the Italian one, is mentioned.

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