The unexpected Made in Italy

In order to strengthen its identity that comes from the quality of the food and the Italian lifestyle, the “made in Italy” food has been focusing on typical names and on local products for the past twenty years.

This has been and still is a phenomenon that affected both the domestic and international market creating even in our country a widespread culture within the companies, of stories, places, traditions that have become part of the narrative of our country not only locally but as a overall identity of Italy in the globalized world.

All this is undoubtedly helping to worldwide strengthen the concept that eating Italian is synonymous with eating well also from a social status point of view. Therefore there is a positive effect on the demand for Made in Italy food, not only linked to the excellence and then to certain territories, but, broadly speaking, the Italian know-how in Italy, as part of our business, of our workers, of our producers that goes beyond the production possibilities of the areas dedicated to specialties and uniqueness, but that can still be guaranteed by the Italian know-how. A demand that just needs the mere Italian appearance to move the purchase as it happens with the Italian sounding.

New perspectives and new spaces to be filled
Demand for Italian food grows in domestic and international markets. The Italian industry has began to produce typical specialties outside their specific geographic areas, simply maintaining the national quality and know-how. A sort of unexpected Made in Italy that can be a surprise. In terms of presence the Italian companies with well-known brands can predispose target markets by segmenting the offer. Regarding the price and notoriety they can make the difference as they are usually more creative and flexible in order to create unexpected combinations between Italian territories and food products, leveraging the innate capacity for transformation with which Italians have been able to distinguish the economy. And this spirit of innovation comes totally from the domestic market where, as proof of these abilities, quality products are created that refer to the great national tradition even if they aren’t made at the place of election that the national story telling.

Pesto sauce from Piedmont
Limoncello from Garda
Muller Thurgau from Sicily
Mozzarella di bufala from Treviso
Mozzarella from South Tyrol
Premium Red tomatoes from Tuscany

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