Relational marketing for black truffle from Marche Region to Morocco

Relational marketing strategies are applied to food sector in order to open new routes for Made in Italy products, in particular as regards black truffle from Marche as well as products in oil from Puglia.

The project is called ‘Dalle Marche al Marocco passando per la Puglia (From Marche to Morocco through Puglia)’, because it aims at making ‘scorzone estivo nero di Acqualagna’ available in selected tourist realities of Morocco. ‘Scorzone’ summer black truffle, a product of Italian excellence, is used as an aperitif accompanied by selected oils, products in oil, and wines from Puglia. It is produced by ‘Allegro srl’ Company and is already part of the menu proposed by a Moroccan restaurant in Fez, Riad 53, frequented by international customers.


The original idea consists in combining creatively two typical regional realities, such as Marche for truffles and Puglia for wines and products in oil. So, it is possible to guarantee a combination of excellence, designed for customers characterized by appropriate consumption segment and attention to taste.

This marketing project was started five months ago and is already bearing fruit, by means of contacts through the Internet with potential customers of ‘Riad 53’, but also thanks to the involvement of the most important international restaurants in Morocco. The owners of ‘Riad 53’ are also completing the purchase of other prestigious realities in Morocco, with further enhancement of business prospects for the Italian partners of the project: ‘Allegro srl’, ‘Azienda agricola Taurino’, and ‘Cantine Paolo Leo’.


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