Felsineo: the Italian Mortadella (Bologna sausage) lands in China

Jessika Pini

The first shipment of PGI Mortadella Bologna arrived in China (the link which explains what it is: http://www.italianfoodexcellence.com/10000480/). The first Italian company authorized to export this cooked salami meat is Felsineo Spa. The company sent a test shipment of 150 kg in Shanghai which, along with Beijing, will be one of the two main target markets. Andrea Raimondi, President of Felsineo spa, explains: “This product was very well received, so that, just one week after the arrival of the sample, the customer already ordered another supply. Therefore, at the end of June a new supply of about 700 kg will be shipped”.

Sales channels
The sales channels of Felsineo in China will be two: Horeca, especially for both restaurants and major hotels frequented by Westerners who moved to China, and large-scale retail trade, first of all Metro, Carrefour, and Auchan. For this event, the company also set up a logo in Chinese characters used in its presentation materials, but on this Eastern market ‘mortadella Felsineo’ is proposed with its Italian name, in order to strengthen the made in Italy origin of the product. The available formats for both sales channels, large-scale retail trade and Horeca, are: g 350, g 500, g 700 g, and kg 3.5.

Contacts for China
For the moment, the company does not make use of local distributors or agents. The Chinese buyers who want to get in touch with Felsineo can interface directly with the company by email: export@felsineo.com or phone +39 051 351 7011.

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