Bestack is ready to innovate in packaging for fruit and vegetables

Bestack presented its studies concerning a new type of packaging (the so-called 'active packaging'), that combines the traditional benefits of cardboard to the properties of essential oils, which can fight the onset of macrobiotic charges in packaging for fruit and vegetables. The results were surprising, with an exceptionally long shelf-life, but also a significant reduction of the contamination of degradative agents from a fruit to another one. Taste tests on this product also showed how consumers preferred the products packaged in the innovative packaging rather than the traditional ones, clearing up possible misunderstandings about the possible negative impact in organoleptic terms of these oils, of exclusively natural origin.

Claudio Dall'Agata, director of Bestack, concluded: “The research conducted so far gave very interesting results, taking also into account that the performance of innovative packaging can be further increased. The next step of this research, which is in constant evolution and reaches continuous frontiers, will study the effects of the innovative packaging on especially perishable fruit”.

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