Extra virgin olive oil from Teramo in Abruzzo


"Pretuziano delle Colline Teramane" is a company located 200 meters above sea level, in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

Production characteristic
It practices the organic cultivation of olives for extra-virgin olive oil. Carboncella, Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio, Ascolana tenera, Dritta, Maurino and Tortiglione are the different olive trees, which make up the olive grove of 1200 plants and four varieties of monocultivar oils that are derived from these: Pendolino, Tortilis, Monaco extra virgin organic olive oil (Organic Blend) and Le Colline di Augusto PDO (Protected Designation Origin).

The Pendolino, is a delicate oil, from fruity herbaceous, with hints of almond. Ideal for seasoning fish, rice dishes, and vegetables.
The Tortillis has instead a very strong herbaceous flavor and is not that fruity. The name, from the Latin "twisted", reminiscent of the growth of its twisted trunk. It is perfect served as a dressing for soft cheeses, red meats, soups, and in general with well structured dishes. The Monaco Blend Organic oil has a herbaceous aroma with hints of almond. Its taste is delicate but embracing, with hints of herbs and a spicy note perfectly dosed with its also bitter fragrance. Perfect to serve with meat and fish, to enhance the flavor of the dishes.
Top of the company’s production range is the Oil Monaco PDO ”Le colline di Augusto”. It has a balanced taste with a slight prevalence towards the bitter. The creativity of the company has resulted in it presenting innovative oils and condiments, strictly based on extra virgin olive oil, enhancing flavors and aromas which were often unknown to the majority of clients. The most recent product is the oil with coffee fragrance, which has been very successful abroad.

Export countries
The Monaco company exports to Europe, Japan and China: a marriage of great effect, which enhances the masculine Mediterranean flavors of the oil with the exotic and sensual taste of the coffee.

Product innovation
The "coffee oil" is perfect to use in nouvelle cuisine dishes as it gives them unique aromas and flavors. In particular it is very good to serve with dishes based on vegetables, pork and it tastes very good with dairy products like cottage cheese from goat's milk.

Paola La Manna

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