Donna Elvira will show the rarest chocolate in the world at ViniVeri

Donna Elvira2From the 7th to the 9th of April Donna Elvira will be the only chocolatier at ViniVeri, introducing a big novelty: single origin chocolate bars. As Elvira Roccasalva explains: “This year for the first time we can finally bring in tasting our single-origin bars, born by the decision to introduce the bean-to-bar production method, from the cocoa bean to the chocolate tablet, which is giving us the chance to boost the research work at the bottom of the raw material that we had always wanted to do”.

Donna ElviraDonna Elvira will tell the selection process that is leading to produce its chocolate with the most rare and valuable seeds, from classic Venezuela or Colombia cocoa, wild cocoa of Bolivia, precious O'Payo of Nicaragua, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea cocoa.  But the event is also the opportunity to present Fortunato # 4, the first Italian chocolate that comes from the transformation of the rarest cacao in the world, the legendary Peruvian Pure Nacional from delicate purple and white seeds.

“We had long heard of this cocoa, a true legend -tells Elvira Roccasalva- that unfortunately remained just a dream for us so far, not having the ability to transform it: if it is true that the fermentation can be done only in the field, toasting must be made in the laboratory and a real chocolatier knows how important this stage is to save the original aroma. The decision to fully transform our production process, by introducing the bean-to-bar, allowed us today to realize this dream”.

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