Noberasco launches a line of vegetable chips

NoberascoWith Veg & Crock Noberasco moves away from the world of fruit and launches a new line of vegetable chips on the market. With this move, Noberasco, company of dried fruit production and distribution, tries to intercept the needs of consumers and to anticipate market trends.

This time the news comes from the garden. Veg & Crock is in a line of natural, crispy and not fried vegetables, with only one ingredient: 100% beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, peppers and tomatoes. Thanks to an innovative drying process, fresh vegetables are washed, sliced and dried, by preserving all the fragrance and taste of nature.

This is the secret that allows Noberasco to offer a healthy and high in fiber snack, with no preservatives and no added salt, in unit dose packs of on-the-go consumption. But Veg & Crock is not just a simple snack is also an original idea to enrich the recipes with a crisp and colorful touch.

Veg & Crock is available in modern distribution and convenience stores from the end of March with a recommended price of € 1.49.

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