A consortium for the protection of Triveneto Pinot Grigio is born

Albino Armani, President of the Consortium DOC 'delle Venezie'

Albino Armani, President of the Consortium DOC 'delle Venezie'

“A far from simple process that finally found fulfillment, synthesis of the sensitivity and the needs expressed by significant regions for Italian viticulture as Veneto, Trentino and Friuli Venezia Giulia. We thank  Albino Armani for the commitment and the determination stored in this project and I urge you to proceed in this virtuous example of simplification of the DOC system with the same pace, in order to reorganize and enhance the production of Pinot Grigio Triveneto, an international reference for this variety”.

With these words Paul Castelletti, Unione Italiana Vini, General secretary, welcomed the birth of  the DOC Consortium “delle Venezie”, at  the presence of its new president Albino Armani, and councilors of Agriculture of the three regions involved: Giuseppe Pan for Veneto; Christian Shaurli for Friuli; Michele Dallapiccola for the Trento province.

“I would like to express great satisfaction for this first milestone achieved - explained Albino Armani, President of the Consortium DOC 'delle Venezie'. “The Consortium DOC 'delle Venezie' is finally a reality. Now we can move as an organized system and work to raise the quality standards of production, to structure the offer and to identify appropriate promotional strategies that will allow us to open up new growth outlooks in the international scene. A goal reached thanks to the work of Unione Italiana Vini who worked at technical and institutional level to raise awareness and to explain in depth the benefits that this change would bring to the sector ”.

The founders of the Consortium will be 9 members elected as coordinators from the 19 participants in the ATS to the extent of a representative of the bottlers, one of the transformers and one of the winemakers for each Region”.

The production of Pinot Grigio in Triveneto only represents today the 85% of the national total production and the 43% of world production, with about 2 million hectoliters (260 million bottles) distributed on approximately 24,000 hectares: over 13,400 hectares in Veneto , 7,100 in Friuli Venezia Giulia and 2840 in the province of Trento. The Pinot Grigio is the fourth variety of grape grown in Italy, showing a growth in the last five years amounted to 144%”.

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