Delizia wins foreign markets with its cheeses

The history of Delizia began in 1992, thanks to both tradition of a family of agricultural entrepreneurs and love for their land and its dairy excellence. The first 600 sqm dairy farm was opened with the help of 5 employees and 30 quintals of excellent milk processed every day. In 2008 the company became a Company limited by shares, and in 2010 it already boasted a 6,500 sqm facility, with 65 employees and total revenues for around 15 million Euros. Today, Delizia has two production facilities whose total area is 12,000 square metres, 180 employees, 3,000 customers in 24 Countries, 30 references produced with local milk only. It closed the year 2016 with a turnover of 40 million Euros. Nevertheless, the philosophy at the base of the company has not changed. They continue to produce their cheeses by working in artisanal way selected milk only, collected within 30 km from the facilities at Noci, in the province of Bari. Giovanni D'Ambruoso, founder and CEO of the Company, confirms: ‘Thanks to the quality and genuineness of our products with ‘Delizia’ brand, for the future we can set important goals in terms of further growth. In Italy we are present in all channels, in a capillary way, and we are looking at foreign markets to continue to grow. We are improving the quality of our products, focusing on the production and distribution of smaller, single-piece, 100 and 200g sizes, always fresh, suitable for the demands of a modern market. The packaging of our references is transparent and shows a clear descriptions of the products as well as the few ingredients used. Since 2018, a QR Code placed on the envelopes will allow tracing the full chain, going back to the company that provided the milk with which the cheese was prepared’.

Products made without additives, with shelf life from 18 to 21 days, can be delivered in just two days across Europe. D'Ambruoso continues: ‘Our most requested reference abroad, our flagship, is burrata cheese. For this reason, too, we chose to entirely destine to burrata cheese 600 sqm of our new plant to a technologically advanced production area. Here there is a special air treatment unit, able to consistently keep an almost sterile atmosphere. To completely eliminate the risk of contamination, a department was arranged to allow the product to leave the production room only after being perfectly packaged’.

However, burrata cheese is not the only product; among the new products proposed in ‘Deliziosa’ range, all prepared in artisan way respecting and renewing antique recipes, there is also the launch of a new product developed in ‘Delizia’ factories: 'Trullocchiato'. Its name, too, best exalts the authenticity of tradition of Apulia. It is special mature cheese, seasoned in natural caves, recreated with live stone facades and a controlled moisture system.

Thanks to both transparency and quality of its production, Delizia during its 25 years of life has acquired BRC and IFS international certification, the exclusive MPQP (Marchio Prodotto Qualità Puglia - Quality Product Brand Apulia) Certification, which provides for animal welfare controls carried out by the regional supervisory body, and Bio certification, for seven of the farms from which the company supplies its facilities.

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