“Culinary World Cup”, two medals for Italian chefs

The Italian Chefs team gave an outstanding performance at the "Culinary World Cup", one of the most important and prestigious cooking competitions in the world, held every four years in Luxembourg. The chefs of the Italian team (21 professionals of all the divisions of the Italian Chefs Federation) won the gold medal in the category "Culinary and Pastry Art" of Cucina Fredda and the silver medal in the "Hot Kitchen" test, at the end of a close confrontation with over 30 Senior Teams representing the world-class excellence of competition culinary techniques.

To the team of blue chefs, that with these awards allow Italy to climb in the Worldchefs circuit ranking, went the congratulations of Cirio Alta Cucina, sponsor and supplier of the Italian Chefs team, with whom it shares the goal of promoting the best Italian cuisine in the world. Cirio Alta Cucina is the only tomato chosen by the Italian Chefs Federation, that gave it the "Approved by FIC" award.

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