Macfrut 2019 looks to Eastern Europe

After an important participation in Macfrut 2018, Serbian operators are renewing their presence en masse by organizing their own collective exhibition at the 2019 edition of the fair.

In December, Luigi Bianchi of Cesena Fiera and Luciano Trentini, collaborator of the event and expert in the fruit and vegetable sector, presented to the numerous players the opportunities offered by the international fruit and vegetable fair.

After a series of visits to companies in the vanguard of the horticultural sector (carrots, potatoes in particular) and fruit (mostly apples but also raspberries), as well as a meeting with the municipality of Indija, the strategy for the participation of companies at the next edition of Macfrut (Fiera in Rimini 8-10 May 2019) was defined.

"We are very satisfied with the mission - explains Luigi Bianchi - both from the point of view of the qualified participation both for the enthusiasm with which Serbian operators intend to add value to their productions, today not sufficiently known in the European market".

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