CSO Italy and the analysis on strawberries

Cso Italy made an analysis on Italian strawberries, from the evolution of production over the years, to consumer trends, to varieties evolution. According to the annual survey of Cso Italy, in Italy this year  3640 hectares are cultivated with an increase of 3% over 2016. Exports increased by + 6% in 2016 and 88% in purchases, with an average family purchase of 4.14 kg per year  in Italy. These are some of the data available and processed by Cso Italy in nearly twenty years of activity.

President Paolo Bruni states: “We wanted to enhance Italian strawberry and the work that there is behind our analysis and quantification by providing at this moment a collection of all the strawberry information we elaborated and spread to the world of research, institutions and our social base. Today, especially in North European countries, consumption has widened and it is no longer concentrated only in spring. We won the challenge of quality with Spain, and this fills us with pride but we can still do a lot”.

All the information are available at http://www.csoservizi.com/dossier/tutti_i_numeri_delle_fragole_in_italia_2016.

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