Conserve Italia, exports boost growth

Conserve Italia recorded an increase of 8 million euros (+ 1.5% of turnover), mainly determined by the foreign sector (which was strengthened by the difficulties of Brexit) and by the new commercial structure, which allowed a + 9.8% increase in sales on international markets, mainly driven by the Cirio tomato.
The aggregate turnover of the group for 2017-18 was around 900 million euros (+ 1%), of which over the 40% was generated by exports. Good performances by the foreign companies, the Spanish Juver and Conserves France.
The president of Conserve Italia, Maurizio Gardini, highlighted the importance of this budget: "The positive results of 2017-18 put the Group in the best economic-patrimonial situation in its history, despite the very delicate moment of the national economy and despite all the main markets on which the company operates are in contraction of volumes and with a strong promotional pressure".
"We are very satisfied - commented Conserve Italia general manager, Pier Paolo Rosetti -. The 2017-18 financial year reflects the commitment to continuous product innovation. With Valfrutta we strengthened the area of ​​wellness products launched with Veggie and expanded with 100% Smoothies, with a boom in sales in this segment. In addition, the Valfrutta juices organic line had a growth of +30%, a trend we expect to go on with in the future. The launch on the Horeca channel of the YOGA L’Arte 100% line allowed the historic brand to increase its presence and notoriety in bars, confirming our leadership in this channel".

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