Azienda Agricola Bertinelli is the protagonist of a docuseries

Azienda Agricola Bertinelli, producing Parmigiano Reggiano PDO in the Parma hills since 1895, is the protagonist of the latest documentary "The Doc Farm", produced by Zoetis, directed by Studio Vulcano.

Zoetis launched this web series with the aim of raising awareness of the world of dairy cows in Italy, by telling the stories of those who have been working in a virtuous manner in the dairy sector for years.

As CEO Nicola Bertinelli explains: "We are proud that Zoetis singled out in our firm an all-Italian excellence, worthy of a story in pictures. The result is striking: the peculiarities of Bertinelli emerge clearly from the fact that it is one of the few realities in the Parmigiano Reggiano PDO scene to personally control all the stages of the production chain in order to pay attention to the welfare of the cows".

As Francesco La Torre, marketing manager Ruminants Zoetis Italia, explains: “The Doc Farm project was born from the desire to support Italian breeders, and all the actors in the supply chain, in the storytelling of positive news that show the interconnection between the respect for animals, nature and people. The Doc Farm wants to promote a 360 ° ethical approach. Our goal is to raise awareness and be, as always, alongside veterinarians and breeders with concrete activities and solutions for the health of the herd".

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