Pedon’s “More than Rice” received the Innovation Award at Sial 2018

Pedon, worldwide big player in the field of cereals, pulses and seeds, was awarded the Innovation Award of SIAL 2018, one of the most important international food exhibitions, with the product “More Than Rice” in the category Savory Grocery. Among 15 awarded companies - selected by a panel of experts out of 2,355 contestants – Pedon was the only one from Veneto region among the 4 Italian awarded companies.

The product More Than Rice comes as a new interpretation of traditional products based on wheat, rice, corn and potatoes that are now proposed exclusively from pulses. Thanks to their content in proteins, fibres, minerals and vitamins their nutrition value is increased and in addition they are made available to a wider number of consumers thanks to the absence of gluten, a reduced cholesterol content and low glycemic index.

More Than Rice is sold in three different varieties: lentils, chickpeas and peas; peas and lentils; chickpeas and lentils. Made entirely from pulses, this product comes in the same format as rice, easy and quick to prepare, ready in just 9 minutes in boiling water. More Than Rice comes with many other products of “More Than”, many varieties all 100% pulse-based: More than Pasta, More than Cous Cous, More than Bulgur and finally More than Purée.


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