Centrale del latte d’Italia strengthens its strategic partnership with Alibaba

One year after the start of the partnership, Centrale del Latte d'Italia (CLI) strengthens its joint venture with Alibaba and opens its first Chinese virtual flagship store on Tmall, the largest business to consumer e-commerce platform, which provides access to a potential market of 576 million active annual consumers.
Thanks to the successful agreement signed in October 2017, CLI sold over 1.5 million liters of products in just twelve months.
But in addition to e-commerce, Centrale del Latte d'Italia also enters the traditional retail chains Hema and RT-Mart, recently integrated within the Alibaba Group.
CLI in China can therefore count on a multichannel sales network, defined by Alibaba as "new retail" where the concept of e-commerce and retail merge and the consumer is placed at the center and facilitated to buy everywhere.
"We are very satisfied with the partnership that linked us to Alibaba for over a year", said Marco Luzzati, commercial manager of Centrale del Latte d'Italia. "Over the last three months, thanks to the new agreements that also embrace chains of large retailers, we have shipped over 30 containers of products. Today, exports represent almost 3% of the Group's annual turnover. Our goal is to grow in sales abroad, to reach the 10% share of annual turnover by 2020" added Luzzati.
"In order to support the Group's growth and export volumes", said Marco Luzzati, "the company is carrying out a plan for substantial renovation of the Turin plant worth 22 million euros that will be completed by 2020, targeted also to the optimization of the logistic flows of the productions destined to foreign countries".

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