A geography of Emilia Romagna wine exports

The exports of Emilia Romagna wine in the world are going well  and they are changing the geography of the destination markets. In the last 5 years Sweden has increased by 182% the value of purchases of bottles from Romagna and the US by 173%. These markets are followed by Spain (+ 87%), China (+ 86%), Japan (+ 37%), the United Kingdom (+ 23%) and Canada (+ 13%).
The estimates of Nomisma Wine Monitor show an export of the Romagna wineries for about 151 million euros of wine in 2017, distributed as follows: in Germany 29.5%, in the USA 23%, in the United Kingdom 10.1% and 5.6% in France. But there are also China (4.3%), Canada (3.8%), Japan (3.2%) Spain (3.1%) and Russia (2.3%).
In the first half of 2018 there was no lack of trends in contrast with Italian wine exports: the labels of Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena and Rimini in Poland grew by + 54%, where Italian wine recorded a + 21%; + 46% in Switzerland against + 12% of the national team; + 31% in the United Kingdom against a decrease of -2% in Italian wine.
These are the data provided by Denis Pantini, Nomisma's food manager, at the Forlì presentation of the Nomisma Wine Monitor "Wine Marketing 2018" on scenarios, international markets and the competitiveness of Italian wine.
“More than half of the Romagna wine export ends in Germany and the United States, two markets that are currently at the antipodes as consumption trends: while the Germans are slowing down in purchases of foreign wines rediscovering the local ones, the United States still has strong potential of growth, favoring organic wines, from autochthonous vines and, in this particular moment, sparkling and rosé”, said Denis Pantini.


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