Callipo, an experience that comes from the sea

Callipo_adThere are both physical network and a metaphorical one. The physical one refers to the business of ‘Giacinto Callipo Conserve Alimentari’, which operates in the market of tuna and fish preserves. The metaphorical one is the bond that Callipo family has built in 100 years of history with both territory, Calabria region, and people who live there. The company, which is part of a family-owned company group that counts a total of six companies, is today led by Filippo Callipo, sole administrator. He leads us into a world of memories, personal commitment, gratitude to those who have contributed to building a reality that still boasts tuna processing, performed at all stages exclusively in Italy, in the factory at Maierato.

Callipo-2The future of the group is today supported by Filippo Callipo’s sons, the fifth generation of the family. Giacinto and Filippo Maria grew up ‘breathing company air’ and became aware of having to inherit a centenary enterprise, which is something more than a simple business. It is precisely a network, which successfully binds together over 300 employees. They are the cornerstone of the group.

Callipo family has always kept production in Italy, never giving room to the idea of delocalisation. ‘In our processing operations, skills and manpower expertise are fundamental. Some production lines are completely manual, other semi-manuals: workers’ experience makes the difference’. Among the many products - more than 150 - sold, Filippo Callipo particularly appreciates tuna fished in nets, which is fished off the coast in the spring-summer period (it is called outward tuna) and in September (return tuna).

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