The rebirth of Cervisia beer thanks to Dibevit

Birra Cervisia Mozzo2Dibevit, a twenty-year-old national firm in the import and distribution of special beers from all over the world, decided to give new life to Cervisia beer with three references: Ciurma, Mozzo, Camallo. The rebirth was on April the 25th, when Cervisia, thanks to Dibevit's commitment, came back to the market with a modern triptych of beers that perfectly respects the new tastes of the young audience, and not only that: an amber, a lager and an Indian pale ale.

Cervisia Camallo 33clThe packaging of the three beers is “handmade”: each of the beers comes with a written on the front label and the back tag, handmade by an artist, represented by white chalk on black chalkboard, with a logo never equal to itself. Cervisia combines the craft of the beginnings with one of the most modern juggling techniques: dry hopping, a "cold hopping" technique that allows to flavor beer with a second cold hopping during a secondary fermentation.

“We are really excited to bring Cervisia back to the market with three references with a unique personality. We always try to give our consumers something more, something unique, and we are confident that these three jewels, re-launched on April 25th, will be a great gift for many”, commented Davide Daturi of Dibevit.

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