The Valverde cooperative: the short poultry supply chain in the Piedmont Valley

Valverde is a cooperative based in Italian region of Piedmont that raises chickens in exclusively in Piedmont in small family-run farms in the region’s hills: Biella, Asti, Chieri, Cuneo, Chivasso, Borgo d'Ale.

Its members are breeders of Saluggia (VC). “Our chickens -explains Andrea Costa, at the head of the Cooperative- are raised on the ground, with high hygiene and sustainability standards. They come from small farms, they have a healthy and controlled diet and are followed daily by veterinarians. They live indoors in larger spaces than ones dictated by the parameters of the law, with natural light, enhanced by elements such as hay bales, perches and pecking objects that allow them to be more active, less stressed, and have a slower growth compared to chickens from big factory farms.”

Short supply chain. The delivery of meat takes place every morning at the local butcher shops and some just beyond the boundaries of the region, to Liguria and Lombardy, limiting road transport and air pollution. The traceability is certified: the origin of the product recognizes individual lots, to trace the origin of every aspect of production, processing and distribution.

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