Bergamot, a new proposal by Citrus

With a shape similar to an orange, but with an initially green and then bright yellow peel, bergamot can be enjoyed as a fruit to be peeled or squeezed and used to embellish any type of dish.
Beyond its taste and fragrance, bergamot also has strong health qualities as it is rich in flavonoids, natural compounds, with useful properties to maintain cardiovascular health and to contribute to the prevention of inflammatory diseases and some types of cancer. “Citrus - L'orto italiano” has a new proposal already available in the outlets of large-scale retail trade, which aims at rediscovering and revisiting the ancient and rare Calabria fruit.
“This new proposal is aimed at all those who do not know the bergamot and want to be accompanied in this taste experience with a proposed use - explained Marianna Palella, Citrus ceo – It will be liked by the many who choose to dedicate some time for themselves and their physical well-being”.
Citrus and chef Davide Oldani decided to collaborate in the development of this new premium line. The elegant packaging tells about the origins and the beneficial properties of bergamot and brings a recipe by Davide Oldani to make an infusion that keeps intact the essential oils and the organoleptic substances of the fruit.

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