Asiago PDO wins in Mexico

Historic result for the Consortium for the Protection of Asiago Cheese, which announces full recognition and protection of the designation Asiago in Mexico under the global agreement between the EU and Mexico.

Starting from a difficult situation in which the lack of legal protection and an import duty of 120% made entry to the country impossible, thanks to the Consortium’s incessant protection and promotional activity, backed by Italian ministerial institutions, full recognition and protection of Asiago cheese throughout Mexico has now been established. The speciality has been included in the EU-Mexico agreement, thus making it possible to fall within the 20,000 ton quota of product that can be exported at zero duty.

A country with 120 million inhabitants and over 10 million potential consumers of high-end products, Mexico already knows and appreciates the name Asiago. In fact, exports of Asiago PDO to Mexico have recently grown by 58% in volume (ISTAT data updated in August 2018) in a country that, from 2012 to 2017, recorded a per capita increase in cheese consumption of over 26%.

Fiorenzo Rigoni, President of the Consortium for the Protection ofAsiago Cheese, states: “We are very satisfied with this result that rewards years of hard work. We have shown that dialogue, together with constant and consistent work are the key to success. Once again, we have demonstrated through facts that promotion and protection are two sides of the same coin. It is now up to our members to concentrate on significantly strengthening  exports, seizing the great opportunities represented by the high level of recognition and of  international prestige gained by Asiago PDO in recent years”.

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