And the winner is… Kimbo!

Kimbo - the historic espresso coffee brand from Naples - is the "Anuga Awards 2013" winner for its "Best international communication campaign". Kimbo  is the only winner among all the food & beverage categories involved. The winning communication campaign used as its headline “It's not just from Italy, it's from Naples”, highlighting Kimbo’s uniqueness.
Coffee has been a key feature of Italy’s culture since time immemorial. It’s a typical trait of our culture, familiar to all worldwide. While we may identify coffee with Italy in general, the capital of the processing of the raw materials of coffee (and the capital of espresso coffee) is Naples. The idea behind the communication came out of the strong ties between Kimbo and Naples, and the desire to relate our vision of enjoyment of our coffee to one of the symbols most widely recognised globally associated this great city, Vesuvius. The steam rising from a fine cup of coffee became the smoke from the volcano. The two images are joined, providing a fascinating, high-impact visual effect.

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