Prosciutto Toscano, natural simplicity

Nature, climate and the passion of the producers are united to create the flavor of Tuscan ham and keep it original. In order to protect the unique and characteristic identity of Tuscan pig breeding and production techniques, the Consorzio Prosciutto Toscano was established in 1990 and in 1996 the DOP (Denomination of Protected Origin) was obtained;  in September 1997 the Associates began protected production.

Secret ingredients

Tuscan pig breeding has distant country farming origins and the product deriving from it has maintained those original qualities of authenticity, taste and flavour which ensure excellent results to the present. The strong flavours of the sun and winds in the maturing of the meat are combined with the typical fragrances of the vegetation: lentiscus, myrtle, juniper.

As for the other DOP hams, Parma and San Daniele, only pigs born, bred, fattened and slaughtered in Tuscany and other regions in North and Central Italy are chosen. The animals must be at least 9 months old with a live weight between 144 and 176 kg. Preparation entails exclusively fresh joints (frozen joints or those submitted to other maintenance treatments are not used) and is carried out exclusively at ham production factories situated in the Tuscan Region. The ingredients used for the dry salting process are sea salt, pepper and the natural aromatic herbs typical of Tuscany. The resulting flavour is that characteristic of the famous Tuscan ham, a delicate taste subtly enriched by the unmistakable fragrances of Tuscany. In order to give consumers the certainty of a qualitatively superior product, the animals chosen must have the indelible breeder’s brand and the slaughterer’s mark. Production control is carried out by the Ministry of Agricultural Policies - Central Bureau of Inspection for Fraud Control and by the Veterinary Surgeons on site.

According to the Production Regulations, all associates carry out strict self-inspection. Only by following this precise course, after one year seasoning, the ham can obtain the final brand of the Consortium, representing the Tuscan Region.

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