Terza Rima, as the origin of Italian language

TR Bionda_75clPaolo Togni, CEO of Gruppo Togni, specialized in the production of wines, sparkling wines, and mineral waters, strongly believes in the project concerning quality artisan beer. In his opinion, it deserves very special attention, beginning with a label which immediately allows perceiving both its value and Italian style. For this reason the name ‘Terza Rima’ has been chosen. It refers to nothing less than the origins of Italian language: the ‘terza rima’ was adopted as metrical structure for his famous poem ‘The Divine Comedy' by Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), who is considered as the father of Italian language. This masterpiece is divided into three parts, Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso (Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise), which the poet imagined visiting. Three is also considered the perfect number, to which magical meanings have been attributed by many civilizations through the ages. In ‘The Divine Comedy’, in particular, three and its multiples have a symbolic value: precisely three parts, each one with thirty-three songs, and nine infernal circles.

Quality, taste, and passion
And three are the beers produced by Terza Rima. Togni intends to suggest these characteristics by proposing labels in combination with the traditional flavours of Italian cuisine, but also with many international dishes. The Group, which is already well-oriented and present abroad with its wines and sparkling wines (50 million Euros in revenues, 8 of which are realized outside the national borders), is also working in order to open the channel for exports. Paolo Togni states: «I realized how made ​​in Italy products are welcomed by consumers aware of quality, even in Countries traditionally accustomed to the production of beer. However, the problem consists in being able to preserve the quality level of the product, if it is shipped over long distances, when, as it happens for us, high fermentation, unfiltered, not pasteurized, and re-fermented beers are produced, as craftsmanship requires». The specialists have already developed a production process which guarantees the essential maintenance of quality. Now it is important to propose it to the specialists of foreign markets with which Togni is in touch, so that Terza Rima may have its international outlets. However, it is always necessary to adopt the due cares.

How to store and how to drink it
Togni recommends storing carefully craft beers, especially the unfiltered and unpasteurized ones: the bottle should be kept away from direct sunlight and placed in a cool place, at a temperature between 10 and 16 ° C, in an upright position. In order to consume it in ideal conditions, the high-end beer should be placed in the refrigerator at least 24 hours (preferably 48) before the time at which the consumer intends to drink it, and especially after any transport. The appropriate period of rest allows yeasts to settle better. And no beer should be served ice-cold. The cold reduces the aromas and anaesthetizes the taste buds, so flattening its taste. The target of 2014 was set by Terza Rima at 4,000 hectolitres. In order to produce them, spring water coming from the mount Monte Nerone is used. This mount rises near the plant, located in the region Marche, near the Adriatic coast. Only natural and selected yeasts, barley malts (a part of which comes from local crops), and hops chosen for their strong aroma complete the list of raw materials, used in order to guarantee the required quality. Togni states: «We Italians, when we commit ourselves, are able of carrying out great things and when it comes to craftsmanship we give our best. Much of the world’s artistic heritage is in Italy, because beauty is part of our DNA. We love to recognize and interpret both flavours and experiences. Our goal consists in creating a product which goes beyond the boundaries of tradition and becomes part of a rewarding taste experience for all the senses».

The beersTR Ambrata_75cl
La Bionda (5.2% alcohol)
Appearance: golden yellow colour with white compact foam.
Flavour: intense aromas of fresh citrus, with strong fruity and herbaceous notes, and a hint of cereals.
Taste: it distinguishes itself for its delicate astringency and pleasant, balanced bitter taste, which does not prevail.
It is excellent at any time of the day, but especially with appetizers as well as light and flavourful foods.

La Bionda doppio malto (6.2% alcohol)
Appearance: deep gold, bright colour, with rich and creamy foam.
Flavour: it shows a strong taste, thanks to both malt and hops in blossom, which perfectly intertwine with the aromas of yeast, vanilla, and honey.
Taste: soft, velvety, with good body. It shows a strong bitter note, which is confirmed in its aftertaste.
It is ideal with fresh cheeses, salami and cold cuts, and not too seasoned first courses.

L’Ambrata (7.2% alcohol)
Appearance: definite amber colour, with bright ruby highlights.
Flavour: rich and penetrating aroma of cereals and ripe fruit.
Taste: generously hopped. It reminds the intensity of the flavours of autumn.
It goes well with red meat dishes, roast pork, and soft seasoned cheese.


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