Olio – Cucina Fresca, a new place in Milan to feel the Apulian traditions

Olio – Cucina Fresca is the name of the brand new place to be in Milan. It opened last month and it is a new venue that will honor the great wine and food tradition of Apulia. Olio is a young business initiative  born thanks to quality cuisine by chef Marco Misceo, and the excellence of oil thanks to an exclusive partnership with Frantoio Muraglia, one of the best olive farms in Italy.

Behind Olio – Cucina Fresca  there is the passion for food and the great Apulian tradition of two young entrepreneurs: Angelo Fusillo, 30, and Paola Totaro, 29, coming from Noci and Putignano. From the beginning they believed in this project, by developing the idea of bringing the best of their land to Milan. So, besides the Muraglia oil, customers can find the podolica meat and the black pork by Varvara - fratellidicarne, the caciocavallo podolico by Masseria Colombo, the tomatoes of Lapietra brothers of Monopoli, the capocollo Santoro and other Slow Food specialties such fava beans, red onion of Acquaviva delle Fonti, black chickpeas of Murgia, almonds of Toritto and lemons of the Gargano.

Angelo Fusillo e Paola Totaro OLIO Cucina Fresca Milan (Italy)

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