Waiting for Fico, a tour of Italy for discovery was proposed

FICO_BIKE_TOUR_key-visualFICO Bike Tour was a tour of Italy by bicycle to discover the gastronomic realities of excellence intended for FICO Eataly World: from coffee to pasta, from meats to desserts, to truffles, through liquorice and spices. FICO (Fabbrica Italiana Contadina - Italian Farming Factory) Eataly World is an Italian agri-food park, which will be built in Bologna and will embody the best realities concerning food of Italy on a path that will show to the visitors the whole food cycle, from production to the table.

The tour began from Turin and arrived in Palermo after 46 days and about one thousand kilometres, touching 14 regions. It involved visits to 40 gastronomic realities, which then will open their ‘factories’ and their production laboratories within FICO Eataly World, whose inauguration is expected in the second half of 2017.

In each stage some unique experiences were realised: truffle-Safari, wildlife viewing, pig breeding in the wild, artisan bakery, care of a hop field for beer, pairings of chocolate and jams, cultivation and processing of potatoes, rice and wheat. Visits to establishments and production laboratories also allowed to guests, institutions and journalists to observe closely how and where the best Italian products are born.

As a matter of fact, each company organized ‘experiential’ paths to show its manufacturing capacity.

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