VOG Consortium will start producing Crimson Snow

Starting from 2020 VOG Consortium will house the Crimson Snow plants, which is characterized by purple red peel and white pulp. Originally from Australia with the varietal name 'MC38', the apple was developed by Kiku Variety Management, a worldwide variety licensor and brand rights holder, with whom VOG signed the contract. There are 100 hectares of the Consortium that will be dedicated to Crimson Snow.

The new variety is characterized by a high degree of preservability: it has a storage capacity that lasts for almost 12 months, while keeping its characteristics intact. It is therefore suitable for sale in the second part of the season, when other red peel varieties are less available. The fruit does not bake and guarantees easy processing, thus helping to make the apple particularly interesting for the business. But above all, it is good to eat: Crimson Snow® is crisp and juicy, with just the right balance between sweetness and acidity.

The new variety is complemented by the other 7 apple clubs of the VOG Consortium: Kanzi, Pink Lady, Rubens, Modì, Jazz , envy  and yello. “The contract with Crimson Snow is fully in the path of constant research and development of the VOG Consortium”, said Gerhard Dichgans, VOG's director. “We believe that the future of the apple goes towards the innovation: new varieties - that are distinguished by their characteristics and use - are being shown to be able to recapture consumers. In these first years of marketing, Crimson Snow has already proven its worth, so we believe it will bring great satisfaction”.

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