Rapidissimi, the new soluble coffee line by Manuel Caffè

After the launch of Equo Organic, the organic coffee, Manuel Caffè reveals Rapidissimi, a new line of soluble products, ready in a few minutes and based on 100% arabic coffee, chocolate, ginseng, barley and hazelnut.

"We are believe that our fast-growing line can meet the needs of modern consumers and increase thr penetration in the Italian market, since the numbers of soluble coffee consumption in the world are growing" said Mauro De Giusti.

With an elegant and modern packaging, the Rapidissimi are made up of 5 new references. Quality blends obtained with special processing technologies, able to preserve its characteristics and keep intact the aromatic notes of coffee. A sophisticated balance of scents and falvors, which contains a concentration of creativity and energizing pleasure, able to become a valuable ally for those who live in a fast and dynamic way, but does not want to give up taste.

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