Valfrutta and Yoga ready to launch two new products in the vending channel

Valfrutta and Yoga, two historical brand of Conserve Italia, are ready to win the most demanding consumers of the vending channel over with two great innovations, that allow to offer more premium quality solutions for the on the go drink consumption.

Valfrutta Yoga 1Valfrutta BIO Pet 250ml brings into the vending machines a juice containing fruit grown only by organic methods, obtained without the use of preservatives, additives, dyes and GMOs (as required by law), checked and certified by CCPB. In a few days, the range  of YOGA products in the vending channel will grow as well, with the launch of the new premium reference of YOGA 100% orange juice, always in 250ml PET format.
A juice not from concentrate, obtained directly from the pressing of oranges, a process that ensures 100% pure blonde orange juice, with a good, genuine and natural taste.
The launch will strengthen further a broad and deep range of products for a brand that wants to consolidate its leading position in the world outside the consumer’s houses by focusing on higher quality products.

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