Industria Molitoria Perteghella presents the Strapizza Project

Strapizza is a brand new approach to the world of pizza and it was presented by Industria Molitoria Perteghella during the last edition of Sigep.
“The big news of Strapizza, which is intended to involve all the best pizzerias in Italy, is the approach itself: the flour becomes service. Perteghella aims to be not only a supplier of a very wide range of high-quality flours (21 kinds), able to meet every need, but also to offer customers a range of services to increasing their turnover”, said Riccardo Sartirana, commercial director of Industria Molitoria Perteghella.

The project enhances the great resource of the web, both in terms of opportunities to create a network with other pizzerias all over Italy, by sharing contents and solutions on a single platform, both in terms of visibility to the final customers, by managing the opportunities of communication on social networks effectively.

Strapizza will go throughout Italy, with a series of events, in which the Perteghella specialists will make a demonstration of the potential of the network and of the procedures to obtain the best results, and a technical part, which will show the different uses of flour, arrangements for the best preparation of pizzas and for an effective management of the pizzeria.

Industria Molitoria Perteghella has a daily capacity of 270/300 tons of milling wheat and 80/100 tons of corn. The firm produces all kinds of flour, in three lines: Corona (professional flour for various uses in the kitchen), Strapizza (special soft wheat flours for pizza chefs), Dolci Tentazioni (for the needs of pastry).

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